Social Innovation

Copenhagen's New Modern Library

The new modern library engages participants through multiple learning typologies at multiple scales. For an ever-adapting and improving city, innovation is necessary in moving forward and discovering things we did not know before. True innovation should not rely on the 'what' is necessary, such as developments in technology, but more importantly the 'who'; the individuals of a society utilizing the information to better themselves and share with others. This library promotes social innovation, the process of learning from each other through personal interaction and conversation. Rather then spaces prioritized for objects such as books and computers, the library becomes a collection of program, social learning environments.

Individuals learn and explore through opportunities in organized workshops and lectures. Paired with this hands-on experience, the training tools are available to rent from the library.

The architectural form grows out of its existing context; the structure and materials respect the historical context of central Copenhagen while relating to programmatic adjacencies. Towards the south and southwest, views towards the palace are created while bringing the gardens into the site. The eastern edge, the canal promenade, welcomes visitors and tourism along this highly traveled and highly public space.

Like the section of a sliced piece of fruit, the form is split revealing another layer; this level reflects the public edge of the site. The orientation promotes the public nature of the library's program; bring what is typically insular activities into the public view. The angle of the ground plane gestures towards the waterfront creating an outdoor room that can be casually occupied as a social space or programmed as an amphitheater for public presentations.

The library provides different environments to suite individual needs for an accessible learning space. The ground level offers an open floor cafe and bookstore paired with an indoor amphitheater. On the same level, a flexible assembly space provides for organized workshops or featured galleries. Above, the meandering outdoor gardens create pocket gathering spaces and park bench seating in a quieter setting.

The upper floors of the central building are flexible in their organization. They can be arranged for larger workshops, reserved for private events, or on a typical day arranged to fit the needs of the public users for private or group research and study.

Along with education and academics, this modern library will be used for social innovation as well as for fun and relaxation.


Project Team:
Henry Moll
Mary Carroll-Coelho

Copenhagen, DK


Competition Entry